climate ...

some say > there is no bad weather >
only bad clothing ....

as well we need > at - 20 °c > on over house !

so lots of insulation under the roof > 20cm ... 8" min !
then on the south side a piece of flat roof
then a steep solar windows the whole length of the house
to catch the most solar radiation in winter ....

and down on the ground > 4m ... 12' around the inner house from the base building
an over house!

where a in between climate prevails > therefore never below 5 °c
and not more than 30 °c

then the house itself > always 15 °c
even in the bathroom through the bio gas boiler 25 °c

in such an over house any thing can grow >
and the human can work > always !

meaning bicycle repairs > the construction of boats etc

as well ... because of the
etfe window >
there are always enough uvb rays for vitamins d !

in my example here > I then have >
from the sun in january at 100m ² solar window
50kw heating power +

and geo thermal > constantly about 10kw + > from the 200m ² ground >
and the geo ventilation 2x > 1x in the over house >
+ 1x in the home itself ..... yet many more kw !

then subsequently we can here .... live .....

galactic design